About Worked All OARC Season 2

Welcome to Logging website for WAOARC S2.



Work members of OARC, using Radio, having fun in the process.


1 July 2023 - 31 August 2023


No rules as this isn't a contest. However, we do have some guidelines:
  • Only QSOs between OARC members count
  • Only QSOs logged on the OARC Logging site will count
  • Highlight in your QSO (using comments), what makes this QSO new / novel.
  • Only one QSO between a pair of members will count for the contest per band / mode
    • i.e. you can work a member on multiple bands and modes but it won't score as highly as working many members on the same band / mode.
  • As long as RF is involved somewhere in the QSO, it can be counted as a QSO.
    • This isn't an RSGB or ARRL contest
  • All attempts at 'lawyering' will be ruled ineligible unless they are also cool / novel / new.
  • Trying too hard will result in a diminishing returns effect occurring to your score.
  • There may be prizes
    • This will be decided by the community.
    • Trying to win prizes will make you ineligible for prizes.
  • Rulings / questions / queries will be resolved in the #activity-hub channel
    • Simon - M0SMU will try to resolve all issues but may resort to community input.
    • All decisions are final and binding